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Relaxed Bisexual Man looking for friends and lovers
Hi everyone, I'm a virile relaxed 36 year-old very highly sexed and erotically minded guy, looking for friends and lovers, singles or couples. Bisexually im probably about 75/25 women/men on the kinsey scale. Adore women but very partial to a hot man, though Im more picky with guys one heir own. Sexually I love allo sorts, but especially trios. 3 is most definitely a magic number for me whether thats mmf, ffm or mmm (tried fff but they found me out :) ) but im open to all sorts of situations as long as everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. I also love naturism and outdoor sex, especially woods and beaches, which i find an incredible turn on. Not sure what else to say really but if you want to know anything please just ask! Looking foward to meeting you all.


5.11 ft

180.8 lbs (BMI: 25.3)


Not shaved



Master (graduate)


Once or a few times

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