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Swingers Tantra Club is a leading online lifestyle and dating club for Swingers from all over the world. Building on our expertise in alternative relationships we help swingers organise dates, meetings and erotic parties. Created with passion, Swingers Tantra Club helps thousands of Swingers every day to find new friends and new dates.

Swingers Tantra Club members can validate others they meet in real life. A validation is a sign that the people in the profile are real. This makes Swingers Tantra Club an absolutely faker-proof Swingers Community.

Swingers Tantra Club is dedicated to providing the most successful dating environment for Swingers. Our members have access to all swingers personals, profiles, webmail, photo albums, Friends & Favorites, forums, webcam chat, and real life activities. The Speed Dating page will get you connected to other swingers in no time!

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Swinging, it’s a lifestyle

Louise (38) and Jacques (42) have been married for 13 years. She is head of human resources at a government agency, he is the import/export manager at a large trading company. 

They have three children, aged four, ten and twelve. Three years ago Louise asked whether their marriage could be ‘opened up.’ “Jacques was my second boyfriend. When I met him, he had gone through a lot of girlfriends. I was a real late-bloomer. It was only with Jacques that I learned to enjoy sex."
“To be honest, I was shocked by Louise’s proposal. I was afraid to loose her to another man. On the one hand, I had expected this. Louise wanted to know what it would be like with another man....

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Swinger Story
“So, what you are looking for ideally is a cock that you can borrow from time to time, but that you don’t have to worry about talking or taking care of.” “Yeah,” she said, sighing slightly, “but where is a girl going to find that?” I took a deep breath. “Upstairs,” I said, looking her squarely in the eyes. “You mean it’s OK for me to keep borrowing your vibrator.” “No, no, no. You misunderstand me.  Actually, I was thinking of letting you borrow something else……”. Read more ...
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